Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Fave Blogger Steals My Bike

I wish I could say it was actually true that I even had this bike... I just need a job then I can buy it! I ride around town on a vintage racer, awesome yes but, when I am wearing a skirt... not so awesome. There has been more that one occasion when I have worn my god damn vintage leather skirt and it has ridden up up and beyond the bum.. right up to my waist! In the end I just give up as five seconds after I  adjust it, it just creeps right back up again! I have gotten my fair share of trucker hoots when I so graciously expose my behind for everyone to see... that being said, I now no longer cycle with that skirt.

The solution however is to get myself a nice old cruiser so that I can sit upright and not worry about my skirt showing... also, you can't help but ride super fast on the racer and get all sweaty. Not good for cute outfits. Now if I had a cruiser... no problem at all! I could even pack a waterproof cape for when it rains... on a racer that just can't happen...

So here is Garance on her nice old vintage Schwinn...

I could easily settle however, for one of these Pashley's

But I think that this one is the one I really want....
Juliett by Viva...

Oh how I love thee Juliett.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Like Mah Beans Baked.

I am pretty sure you can get these baked beans in Canada but apparently, they taste better here. Now I don't are who you are, foodie, wine critique, loser.... You GOTTA try these. Great for a full English when you are hungover  umm... tired.. trust me.

But seriously, I know this sounds boring if you haven't tried them but if you have, you will be just as enthusiastic as me! Look, even Liberty London Girl wrote about it and she is a pretty high flying fashion editor. so HAH

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Wish I Wish I Wish

I can't remember how I found this blog Lloso, but I love it. She shows such amazing photos, lots of the from East London of course, of interiors and design related stuff. I wish this was my kitchen and living room... swoon

Shrove Day in London

Today is Shrove Day in London... does that mean its shrove day everywhere? Don't make fun of me, I am completely clueless when it come to non-Jew holidays! To be fair, I am completely useless when it come to Jew holidays too, don't tell my mum! 
I guess because the UK is a Christian country, or maybe its because my boyfriend is not Jewish so I get exposed to Christian holidays more, but there are lots of special days here where you have to do special stuff and I love it! Don't worry mom, I only love it because I get free pancakes DON'T worry. On Christmas when I was a kid, we obviously never bought gifts and partook in any celebrations because we are Jewish, but oh boy did we take advantage of boxing day sales! Looking back I would always joke about how Jews love the Christian holidays because we get to take advantage of what's on offer... us Jews love a deal.

I am so going to get free pancakes today!

Yup, free pancakes at my favorite shop Luna&Curious
why is nothing ever free in Toronto?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canal Side Brunch... more to envy thank you very much!

I have been meaning to share this for a while, I took my friend Melanie of ModeMangeMusique out to the Tow Path Cafe in De Beauvoir last spring, I can't remember if we ate there or not though, real shame if we didn't because not only is it super duper tastey but look how cool and purdey it is! More for Toronto to envy! 


This is how much I love it:

And this my dear friends: is the view.... right smack dab in London, I swear.x

Love Me Some Lanvin

One thing I really love about london is that there are FANTASTIC second hand shops where you can get amazing designer stuff that sometimes has never been worn. Check out these amazing Lanvin boots I got for an embarrassingly small sum... Torontonians should be green with envy as I will be posting tidbits of my amazing 2nd hand finds!