Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Day in London

Today is Shrove Day in London... does that mean its shrove day everywhere? Don't make fun of me, I am completely clueless when it come to non-Jew holidays! To be fair, I am completely useless when it come to Jew holidays too, don't tell my mum! 
I guess because the UK is a Christian country, or maybe its because my boyfriend is not Jewish so I get exposed to Christian holidays more, but there are lots of special days here where you have to do special stuff and I love it! Don't worry mom, I only love it because I get free pancakes DON'T worry. On Christmas when I was a kid, we obviously never bought gifts and partook in any celebrations because we are Jewish, but oh boy did we take advantage of boxing day sales! Looking back I would always joke about how Jews love the Christian holidays because we get to take advantage of what's on offer... us Jews love a deal.

I am so going to get free pancakes today!

Yup, free pancakes at my favorite shop Luna&Curious
why is nothing ever free in Toronto?

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