Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obsessed with Anna

My obsession Anna Karina has been reignited.  She is just completely adorable and sexy and a little but odd all at the same time. I just can't get away from her Roller Girl video click here to see it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When Bunnies Can Fly

WOW. Did anyone know there was a bunny jumping competition in Germany? Did you know that the world record for bunny jumping is 99.5cm? How crazy amazing is that? This is too good not to share! Check out these AMAZING bunny jumping photos care of

The bunny above is currently the world champ but he isn't the world record holder, This fuzz-ball can only clear 60cm. 60CM! WTF?

This fuzzy bunny is the cutest EVER

Please check out the bunny article, its amazing :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Im Back!

Back in London AT LAST after such a long time away! My flight was amazing because I had the emergency exit seats so i got so much space but I developed the flu as I was flying. Can you imagine that I had to take the tube back to Hackney from Heathrow, on my own, with a massive suitcase. I FINALLY got home feeling sick and flu-ish but then these Comme des Garcons converse were waiting for me and brightened up my day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Fave Blogger Steals My Bike

I wish I could say it was actually true that I even had this bike... I just need a job then I can buy it! I ride around town on a vintage racer, awesome yes but, when I am wearing a skirt... not so awesome. There has been more that one occasion when I have worn my god damn vintage leather skirt and it has ridden up up and beyond the bum.. right up to my waist! In the end I just give up as five seconds after I  adjust it, it just creeps right back up again! I have gotten my fair share of trucker hoots when I so graciously expose my behind for everyone to see... that being said, I now no longer cycle with that skirt.

The solution however is to get myself a nice old cruiser so that I can sit upright and not worry about my skirt showing... also, you can't help but ride super fast on the racer and get all sweaty. Not good for cute outfits. Now if I had a cruiser... no problem at all! I could even pack a waterproof cape for when it rains... on a racer that just can't happen...

So here is Garance on her nice old vintage Schwinn...

I could easily settle however, for one of these Pashley's

But I think that this one is the one I really want....
Juliett by Viva...

Oh how I love thee Juliett.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Like Mah Beans Baked.

I am pretty sure you can get these baked beans in Canada but apparently, they taste better here. Now I don't are who you are, foodie, wine critique, loser.... You GOTTA try these. Great for a full English when you are hungover  umm... tired.. trust me.

But seriously, I know this sounds boring if you haven't tried them but if you have, you will be just as enthusiastic as me! Look, even Liberty London Girl wrote about it and she is a pretty high flying fashion editor. so HAH

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Wish I Wish I Wish

I can't remember how I found this blog Lloso, but I love it. She shows such amazing photos, lots of the from East London of course, of interiors and design related stuff. I wish this was my kitchen and living room... swoon

Shrove Day in London

Today is Shrove Day in London... does that mean its shrove day everywhere? Don't make fun of me, I am completely clueless when it come to non-Jew holidays! To be fair, I am completely useless when it come to Jew holidays too, don't tell my mum! 
I guess because the UK is a Christian country, or maybe its because my boyfriend is not Jewish so I get exposed to Christian holidays more, but there are lots of special days here where you have to do special stuff and I love it! Don't worry mom, I only love it because I get free pancakes DON'T worry. On Christmas when I was a kid, we obviously never bought gifts and partook in any celebrations because we are Jewish, but oh boy did we take advantage of boxing day sales! Looking back I would always joke about how Jews love the Christian holidays because we get to take advantage of what's on offer... us Jews love a deal.

I am so going to get free pancakes today!

Yup, free pancakes at my favorite shop Luna&Curious
why is nothing ever free in Toronto?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canal Side Brunch... more to envy thank you very much!

I have been meaning to share this for a while, I took my friend Melanie of ModeMangeMusique out to the Tow Path Cafe in De Beauvoir last spring, I can't remember if we ate there or not though, real shame if we didn't because not only is it super duper tastey but look how cool and purdey it is! More for Toronto to envy! 


This is how much I love it:

And this my dear friends: is the view.... right smack dab in London, I swear.x

Love Me Some Lanvin

One thing I really love about london is that there are FANTASTIC second hand shops where you can get amazing designer stuff that sometimes has never been worn. Check out these amazing Lanvin boots I got for an embarrassingly small sum... Torontonians should be green with envy as I will be posting tidbits of my amazing 2nd hand finds!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Chris Wore to the...Grocery Store

Jamaica print denim top from Our Legacy, Jeans from Balenciaga, and boots from Marc Jacobs gifted from ME.x
p.s. I hope he doesn't kill me for posting all these pics of him!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Backstage at Mark Fast

My friend Fanny sent me a text last week asking me if I would like to dress at the Mark Fast show, at first I thought 'well, what's the point?' and then I did it anyway because well, I had nothing better to do that night.  I embarrassingly didn't know that Mark Fast was Canadian, and really, I so should have known that given that there are not that many Canadians in the Fashion scene.

Because half the staff there are Canadian too, they were super nice and I got invited to come to the after party.... Sweet!

The drinks were waayyy too good and I probably had like 3 too-many(probably more like 5 too-many) and had a really fantastic time. I don't have any party pics and that probably for the best since I was um... very enthusiastic, but here are a few from backstage.

This was my outfit

I wish I could have taken these home!

Did I mention Emma Watson was at the after party? I love her, so cute and sexy at the same time. humph... I wish I was a movie star too.

Oh My, John Galliano why

So out beloved John Galliano has been arrested for guess what? Assault and Anti-Semitic slurs, that is really low John. Its not like you have it all or anything! I guess we will see how this one pans out, eeek.

Check out the article at

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel again and again

Now, I have long been a fan of the Cambridge satchel. Most of the fashion world in fact are fans too. Mulberry's Alexa(which I own), is in fact based on the classic design. I guess Dr Marten, which I am a huge fan of, has jumped on the wagon and created pretty much the EXACT same style as the original Cambridge satchel. Umm, is this ok?  I do love the DM version because its got the faded worn look but I don't know how I feel about it. here are pics of the two bags, the top one is the Original and the bottom one is the Dr Marten version.
If I had any cash right now, I think I would but the original.

check them both out at their Cambridge Satchels and Dr Marten.

Dior+Natalie Portman. Love.

My Boyfriend is Better Than Your Boyfriend

I know its not nice to say it but seriously, we should all think that our own boyfriend is better than anyone elses. so saying that, I apply it to myself. Chris has really good style, also he likes to shop just as much as I do but he makes more money that I do so that results in a better wardrobe. Did I mention that he is a doctor? So... good style, likes to travel, everyone loves him, smart, and a Doctor... like I said, my boyfriend...

Your welcome Chris.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Zandra...

There is loads going on in London all the time and during the fashion seasons there is quite a bit more. This year, I decided I was in fact, going to explore my options. So I signed up for Pure, which is a Fashion trade show here, and I met up with a friend and headed over to Olympia. Has anyone been to a trade show??? Okay, I have been to the gift show in Toronto helping out my parents with their stall and have also partaken in some fab purchases, in bulk of course!

This show was a whole other story... boring with a capital 'B' That is until my friend Emily pointed out that on the show schedule Zandra Rhodes was doing a talk, I squealed with delight!!! For those of you Torontonians that don't know who that is:

1. You really should know who it is. and
2. she is the better version and the English answer to Betsey Johnson. I promise.

Did you guys know that Zandra was the first person in Fashion to put safety pins on her clothes? Even before Malcolm McLaren and Viv Westwood?

Zandra did not just talk to the audience, she had a mini little show,  Here are some pictures, but excuse the quality please as all I had with me for photo-taking was Emily's Blackberry! Amateur.

Yes, we got to sit in the front row

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camouflage is back

Did you guys see all the camouflage this season? Oh my god its back, but this time, you are meant to camouflage with your own upholstery and interiors! Brilliant I say! Here is Frida's take on it!

This look was made for her!

MA-zing LCF

I have such talented friends! on the 3rd of Feb, I managed to make some time away from the studio to get to the London College of Fashion static show, where a few of my friends were showing thier collections. Fist of all, there was free chamagne... YEY! and it really didnt run out, needless to say, I was in a very very good mood. here is some work by a few of my friends and more to come tomorrow once I figured out who did what!

The first pictures are of my long time friend John Brunswick.... I just love these so much. oh, and did I mention that all the gold hardware is made of 24carat gold?

Next is Kat Marks... Kat already has a video directed by Nick Knight, on the show studio website. See it!

There is more to come from this show but I need to find out who to credit the designs to!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vidal Sa-swoon

Is everyone as excited to see this as I am? I really just can't wait! It has prompted me to book an appointment for Feb as a model for cut&color... I think I might want the EXACT haircut on the movie poster... what do you think?  Beautiful!x
p.s. sorry for the lack of posting, my deadline is coming up and oh how behind I am! I will totally do a before and after pic of this hair.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Heart the Weird and Wonderful

I think we all know, that wweird is almost always wonderful, and when find a shop that is dedicated to that you get amazing creative and useful stuff! and  but about a year go I walked into Luna&Curious when they were still on Brick Lane. Now They have a bigger and better shop on Calvert Street in London, right next to where I work... dangerous. Luna&Curious are a collective and they stock local and new designers of all medium, including but not limited to fashion, ceramics and china! Check out these Paper Self lashes, they are so amazing! best of all, they start at ten pounds, I envy those who wear them! all of the following items can be found on the Luna&curious website, linked above. This is for all my creative Canadian friends:

Necklace byAlice Eden
Lashes by Paper Self
Cup and Saucer by welovekaoru
Porcelain Head by Cresshead
Everything available from Luna&Curious, the best store on earth!