Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of Cabbages and Kings

When Frida (our Puggle) first arrived to London, Chris and I were living in Dalston, arguably the coolest part of town. Just a ten minute walk north on our road brought you to Stoke Newington, probably the second coolest part of town, depending on who you ask of course! Anyway, Stoke Newington is an AMAZING little village-esque part of London full of independently owned shops and restaurants and, up until the nando's that got put in, I can't remember seeing ANY chain outlets, my version of heaven! ANYWAY... we used to walk up there to take Frida to the graveyard where she is allowed to run off lead and can't really get lost...
wow, it is taking a long time to get to the point of the story but here goes: one Saturday when we strolled up there, we happened upon this sweet weekly market which had stalls selling homemade goods like ceramics and prints and even undies! nevertheless, since we moved to Hackney, I have been meaning to make a trip to the market to pick up some cute bits and bobs for my kitchen, so I looked up the name of the market (Of Cabbages and Kings) and it turns out they recently opened up a shop!! Check out how amazing it is!

I want my home to look like this!

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