Friday, February 25, 2011

Backstage at Mark Fast

My friend Fanny sent me a text last week asking me if I would like to dress at the Mark Fast show, at first I thought 'well, what's the point?' and then I did it anyway because well, I had nothing better to do that night.  I embarrassingly didn't know that Mark Fast was Canadian, and really, I so should have known that given that there are not that many Canadians in the Fashion scene.

Because half the staff there are Canadian too, they were super nice and I got invited to come to the after party.... Sweet!

The drinks were waayyy too good and I probably had like 3 too-many(probably more like 5 too-many) and had a really fantastic time. I don't have any party pics and that probably for the best since I was um... very enthusiastic, but here are a few from backstage.

This was my outfit

I wish I could have taken these home!

Did I mention Emma Watson was at the after party? I love her, so cute and sexy at the same time. humph... I wish I was a movie star too.

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