Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MA-zing LCF

I have such talented friends! on the 3rd of Feb, I managed to make some time away from the studio to get to the London College of Fashion static show, where a few of my friends were showing thier collections. Fist of all, there was free chamagne... YEY! and it really didnt run out, needless to say, I was in a very very good mood. here is some work by a few of my friends and more to come tomorrow once I figured out who did what!

The first pictures are of my long time friend John Brunswick.... I just love these so much. oh, and did I mention that all the gold hardware is made of 24carat gold?

Next is Kat Marks... Kat already has a video directed by Nick Knight, on the show studio website. See it!

There is more to come from this show but I need to find out who to credit the designs to!


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