Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Zandra...

There is loads going on in London all the time and during the fashion seasons there is quite a bit more. This year, I decided I was in fact, going to explore my options. So I signed up for Pure, which is a Fashion trade show here, and I met up with a friend and headed over to Olympia. Has anyone been to a trade show??? Okay, I have been to the gift show in Toronto helping out my parents with their stall and have also partaken in some fab purchases, in bulk of course!

This show was a whole other story... boring with a capital 'B' That is until my friend Emily pointed out that on the show schedule Zandra Rhodes was doing a talk, I squealed with delight!!! For those of you Torontonians that don't know who that is:

1. You really should know who it is. and
2. she is the better version and the English answer to Betsey Johnson. I promise.

Did you guys know that Zandra was the first person in Fashion to put safety pins on her clothes? Even before Malcolm McLaren and Viv Westwood?

Zandra did not just talk to the audience, she had a mini little show,  Here are some pictures, but excuse the quality please as all I had with me for photo-taking was Emily's Blackberry! Amateur.

Yes, we got to sit in the front row

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